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Many, many days ago I started working on my senior project. After many days sitting inside a room with no furniture, using a cinderblock as a chair (which would give me buns of steel), and looking at a wine pouch filling machine by myself when all my lab partners were away. I got it to work, and hope to never ever see a wine pouch filling machine for a long time. Actually, I will have to see it one more time, to do some setup work.

   It was really nice of the people up in the hanger to let my lab partner and I work there during non-open hours. Since I finished my senior project, I’m kind of lost as to what type of project I want to work on next, because I was stuck on the wine so long. Anyways, I packed up all my stuff, and made it back home yesterday. Then it took me a while to unpack. A long while.

  Here are some funny stuff. I think it was friday night, and I was working on my senior project. My lab partner forgot her id card up in the hanger. Her card was the only one between ours that had the ability to unlock the door. So we were trying to hard to get into the room. Since this was a friday night (7pm), and summer time, there is absolutely no one on campus, not even teachers were on campus (except for maybe Professor Wu, but she might be the lecturer that is the hardest working (saw her walk out of her office once at midnight on one random school day). So with our pocket knife and leathermen, we spent half an hour seeing if it would open. But it didn’t open.

  So I decide to go back to Kenny’s house (where I had been part time living) to eat some fast food I had picked at his place, and play video games. I get there at around 8pm, and I see his car but I don’t see him. Wanting to know if he was around, I gave him a call and he said “I’m at a BBQ at the boonies, come over”. Tired as I was, I told him “i’ll come over later”. When I do get there, I was already full. I assumed it was just a BBQ, but I was a little confused when I heard that Becca was the coordinator for the BBQ, when Steph asked why I did not come earlier. I was talking to Ed a lot at his house for a while, and nobody had told me it was his birthday. So I was really surprised when they brought out a birthday cake and said it was his birthday. They had all assumed that I had graduated, and gone home. I think the only people in slo that knew i was still around was probably Kenny.

  I also forgot my sister’s birthday too, which was Sunday. The only reason I remembered was because I walked into the house, and I see a happy birthday sign above a door, and I’m thinking to myself. “Oh phooey, I forgot her birthday too”. I guess I will need one of those special things that keeps track of all info to tell me when what is happening when. Or just pre-purchase gifts that I would like to use, and hide them in the house, so when I am totally oblivious, I can pull a quick one and say “I was just testing you” and run up and grab the gift.

   Finally, I will try to win 2 pools of fantasy football this year. My own league, and my friends league. He doesn’t really know much about fantasy football, but his co-workers are just setting up a league, so he is playing a long with them. My job will be to help control his team for him, I will do most of the work because I know what I’m doing, and give him pointers.(I think there are 12 people and a 20 dollar pool), so he will split the money with me if he wins.

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