washing clothes

So i was washing my clothes yesterday. I first went to the laundry room, and couldn’t get in. I think the door was broken and you could not open it. So i walked away, and let someone else go to the office and tell them that the door wasn’t opening. Then after that, I came back later and put my clothes in the washer. And then i put it in the dryer. Then when i came back to pick up my clothes from the dryer, i notice my clothes were all wet. Then i noticed that i had turned on the wrong dryer so i had to wait another 40 minutes.

I love to study in the library, because i’m doing either one of 2 productive things. Getting sleep, or doing work. Which is better then playing poker on the computer.

Here’s the funniest thing i did last night. So i was walking around my room, and it occurred to me that i should at least say something nice to encourage my roommate. There was no apparent reason for it, but i just felt compelled to give him encouragement, becuase maybe he would like it. So I made the mistake of thinking outloud “i should say something encouraging to Marc”. So i was thinking aloud so when i ended up saying “Marc hori is a good person”, he started thinking I was being insincere. He said “Andrew, I don’t believe that you are being sincere, maybe you are trying to make me feel happy after the dodgers lost. Or you could be up to something. Also, becuase it took you a while to think of something encouraging to say. I don’t think you were sincere”. Then i thought to myself. “oh brother” . He was right, i did have a hard time saying somethign encouraging to him, but i didn’t really know what to say. It’s really easy to critizie people, but it’s harder to give encouragement. The real reason why it took me a little bit to say something encouraging was that i was thinking of saying “i love you man”. But that might be a bit too much.

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