another day

So i will talk about today, because i haven’t kept up. So I woke up and felt sore. My calves were tender, If i was really hungry and needed to eat meat, i think my calf muscle would have been like tenderloin. Tender and juicy. Very tasty. But i had food so i didn’t eat myself.

Today, i did a lot of studying, and then i invited darrell over for dinner. So he told me he would come at 5:00. And so it was 4:00 and I put myself up to the clock like Iron Chef. The only bad thing was that all i did was cut the brocolli, and put the rice into the cooker, and it was 4:45. So I was way behind on schedule. So when darrell came by, we watched family guy as i was cooking. I then put the steak onto the george foreman grill, and cooked it for 4 minutes, then i took it off and fried it on my frying pan. Then i made chicken, and we ate.

As we were eating, it started pouring outside out of nowhere. That was hilarious. It was sunny this afternoon, and the rains just popped out of nowhere. So darrell had to walk back to his place in the rain, because he didn’t bring a jacket or umbrella, and because thise is San Luis Obispo, i didn’t bring an umbrella either. So he just rummaged through the rain.

Then there was my roommate, he was telling me how he was at the homecoming game. And cal poly was destroying texas state. He had on a red t-shirt that read “-|- give blood. Play the mustangs”.

Also, you know how when you start getting older, you need to stretch to warm up. Because if you don’t, you are all tight. As for me, my muscles making all these clicking noise, if i don’t stretch. It clicks near my shoulders. Then it clicks near my elbows, and also near my wrist. I hear it when i do my pushups.

Finally, for the last thing. I’m sitting here watching tv, and i have to choose between, “band of brothers, family guy, aqua teen hunger force, or usual suspect”. Too bad i couldn’t put them all into one megamovie. And kaiser sosa would be meatwad. And peter griffin could be keaton, and they would be in a war. And there would be that part where peter is eating chips in a safe house. Haha.

Okay, Now I will spin some books and stuff things into my brain.

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