round two. Fight andrew said.

So i went out to class today. I have the easiest one 4 unit GE class possible. It’s called survey of western art. Very easy, because the teacher gives up chapters to read, but we don’t have to read them at all. It is because she goes over the stuff that will be on the test in her class. So if she lectures on it. It will be on the test. Since i only have class 2 times a week, she can’t go over to many things. Also, for the tests, she gave us a one page study guide with the several key phrases, the several dates, and the 10-12 pictures we should be able to recognize. The paper also tells us what she will ask us for on each picture. Like style, subject matter, and material. So easy. I think the test only took me 30 minutes, well the entire class 30 minutes. It was 45 multiple choice, and 3 fill in the blanks. I think that was really easy.

On to other stuff. So I went to small group meeting today. We sat around for a while building the 3d puzzle. We were all working on the white house 3d puzzle as we were waiting for others to arrive. I worked on the top of the white house. it was not too hard of a puzzle, because it was 600 pieces, but it was still fairly hard, because the whilte house is the same color all the way around.

Finally, as a side note. The dodgers lost. Because I told my roommate that the dodgers would lose, he got mad. So When the game was starting he said “if the dodgers lose, you better not come back to the room from small group, but if you do. The lights will be turned off, and i will beat you.” He scared me, becuase I think i’m rubbing off on him. And he is getting good at taunting. So i’m still awake at 1:33am, because i want to make sure he goes to sleep first. He’s doing his psycho thing on me, because he said, “i’ll get you while you sleep”. I know he’s joking. But if you don’t hear from me again, then maybe he did get me =).

Even more finally, I was watching the apprentice with my other roommate justin. So I never really watched the show before, so i wasn’t really sure what was happening. And my roommate justin was on his phone talking to his girlfriend as she was watching the show also. Since justin is a nice guy, he was trying to tell his girlfriend how i was a cool guy. he was laughing a lot, becuase his girlfriend was making fun of me for “living in a box”, but i had to respond saying “i live outside the tv box”.

My roommate things i’m weird, because he started saying that I could not get myself a girlfriend. Because he has dared me too, I will disprove him …… in a couple more years. I really don’t want to right now.

I forgot i was cooking a pan, and i was in my room picking up some papers, and i smelled something burning ,adn i thought it was my computer, but it was just from the vent outside, which was telling me my wok was burning.

Thank you for wading through a collection of sentences.

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