updated: entry was cut off last night

There was a good reason for it being cut off. I took out that part of it from last night. Because during that time i was trying to find a domain name. So I typed in all these words and they were taken. Or there are people just sitting on the website. I wanted to find something funny like www.thephilosopher.com, but that was taken. I think anything that is in the dictionary has been taken. So I was looking, and I know at least 2 sites that are not taken. mightydru.com, and thelearnedman.com.

Time for some random trivia information. Fluids is getting more exciting now because we acutally are seeing how we use it in our problems, instead of boring derivations. So the teacher was showing us how streamline and drag force really affects the way things move a lot. We watched a video from the 1950’s where the engineer was showing drag force on a wire, and comparing it to a 3 inch wing. He put 200 ft/s going up, and the really small wire had the same amount of drag force as the wing.
Then he talked about dolphins, and how they have the perfect body streamline. They shed their skin every 2 hours, so as to not have rough surface that will generated up friction drag force. I then searched the internet and found a link dolphins streamline

One of my classmate is a machine or something. We tried to schedule a time for our group work, but we couldn’t find a time, except for saturday. One of my classmate has 14 units, and is working 40 hours a week. He has 2 jobs, and he’s taking engineering classes also. =0

(8 hours later…)

Okay, I’m back from taking my test and “hanging out” at the library. Today was such a nice day. During the afternoon when i was walking around campus. I saw two little kids playing around on the lawn in front of the business building. Then when i was coming back. I saw this little boy riding his bike on the lawn, and carrying a branch from a tree.
Speaking of little kids, I was watching a video on soapbox races. A student had made a very aerodyanmic soap box for his senior project. We were watching it, and his car lost by .2 seconds, but that was because the person who one had a heavier kid. But watching that video, we saw some kids driving really bad and crashing into the haystacks on the side.

The worst hour is the hour before a test. Usually, I’m trying to cram in the last stuff then, but i really don’t want to. So i didn’t cram in the last hour, and started walking around. I saw Evan walking around, and he convinced me to study again. So we walk back to the library, I see some guys in my dynamics class and we sit down and study. Evan isn’t in my dynamics class, so he picks out a car magazine. Then we all get side tracked and start talking about cars.

We were talking about hydrogen cars, and how BMW is going to come out with a line of those cars in 2010. And how Shell Gasoline station will have hydrogen refueling stations at their stations. We were talking about how that car will work and stuff. What i noticed is that if you talk cars, every guy on the other table start getting interested in our conversation also. We were talking about how dangerous hydrogen is, and one of hte guys was talking about how in his 125 class, they filled a balloon with hydrogen, and then lit a candle and put it under the balloon. Then balloon burst into a ball of flame. That dangerous, but the good thing is that the tanks they are using can withstand up to 1700 degrees farenheit.

Then we started talking about the tractor pull from last week. I didn’t go but my friend was telling me how, they have this sled contraption that can simulate up to 5 tons of weight. And the only cars that pulled it the fartest, were the ones with airplane engines in it. This one truck had a helicopter engine in it, and it was really quiet. That car had an air clutch. Its always interesting to find out that there are 4 more new helicopter engines hanging in the Cal Poly hanger.

Working hard on work now, have to catch up on 3 chapters of reading.

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