I’m going to banish myself to the library for today, tomorrow, and Saturday.

You might be wondering why? Well first reason, I superbomb my intermediate dynamics test. I did sub par. How people go bogey. I must have gone for a triple bogey. So I’m going to need to sit in the library and fix all my problems. I wish I didn’t have to do bad in my test to give me a boost…. I won’t stress out about it anymore.

Also, don’t you ever want to be alone and have none of your roommates bother you. I feel like that right now. So i’ll hang out at the library by myself to get the feeling of solitude. I will then figure out what my roommate does that annoys me and agitates me. Then once i figure that out, I then think why it annoys me. And then finally, I try to understand where he comes from to figure out why he does things like that. Then i can understand it, and I feel comfortable. It also helps me from hating my roommate.

Time for some happier stuff. I watched some 1980’s video about the refrigerator, It was funny watching their little cartoon characters, and the narrator doing demonstration. In one section, he was showing how Liquid CO2 comes out from the tube, and the wire that was extruding the gas wnet bezerk and flew all around blowing it into his face and hands. It was funny.

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