I think I do my best thinking in the restroom. For some reason, while I’m taking a shower, all these ideas come up in my mind. When I come out from the shower, I want to talk to my roommate about it. Sometimes I talk to him, if he’s not busy. There must be something in the restroom, there’s nothing distracting me in there. I don’t think anyone has ever bothered me while I was showering.

Studying is boring. What I don’t like is how I can’t study well in my room. I think its the lighting, and having such a cramped space. I wish i could make a desk that was 360 around. It would be 1/2 made, and once you sit inside, you can pull out the other 1/2 out. I notice that I do that a lot in the ME labs. Because the tables are so big, everybody leaves all their books, and backpacks on the table. Just within reaching distance.

Oh yeah, if you wonder what i think while i’m in the shower. Well, the first thing i thougth about was what I want to do in the summer. I don’t think i’ll find any jobs this summer, so I’m going to sit around and read that book, I saw the guys on “The Contender” talking about. “The 48 Laws of Power”. There was this one guy name Joey, who was going to win the race, but stopped to let someone else win it. He wanted to be nice to this other guy, so that guy would not pick him to fight. Then there was this other wrestler, he read the book also, and found out that Joey was schemeing, playing all of them. I hope I never get to the point where I become a power hungry.

So I make it a point to never expect anyone to return a favor I do for them. I want it to be a genuine act of kindness from me, without a need for reciocity. I like doing random kinds of goodness.

I got to stop thinking weird things, for some reason I was thinking that I could sell random things. Like encouragement braclets. It will look just like the livestrong bands.

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