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Well, i’m washing a lot of clothes. But not as much clothes as my roommate. He took up 5 washers. I’m not sure what he’s thinking, but that is a lot of space.


Ron Merril gave a really encouraging message last night on singleness. So i don’t really feel bad about being single, because I can fully concentrate on God. I think God wants to raise my relationship with him to the limits. I think I’ve been a little distance with him. Concentratint more on this world then on him. I think it’s because i really don’t have any set goals in my Christian life. I do have goals like be pursuit of holiness, but I don’t have the small steps that you take.


Okay, because i like being a winner and achieving goals. I’ll memorize Proverbs. So i’ll memorize 1 verse this week, and depending on how well i memorize. I’ll do more. I’ll stick these Bible verses in my wallet.


Goal number two is research on a Topic. If i want to know the Bible better, I have to read it. So i’ll make another website, and i’ll do research on topics and put it up. So i’ll start with number 1. Creation. I’ll research the topic of how God created the Heavens and the earth.

Now I have some goals to improve my Christian knowledge. I will need to pray that i keep to it. I think that’s why i liked it when i was helping out with Children’s Sunday School. I had to prep in the bible story. .


To other events, i jammed my ring finger playing basketball last night. It isn’t too much of a jam because my finger hasn’t shown any signs of being swollen. There were so many people at the courts last night that i stood around for 40 minutes before i even got in one game. Then we lost. I tried throwing my weight around. What i’m really good at is boxing out and bumping people. I can’t really outjump someone for the ball so i have to wait until it gets near the ground. So usually the person i’m boxing out will jump for the ball over my head. But the ball will be just at the edge of his reach, and if he tires grabbing it one handed. I just stick up my hands and grab it out of him. It makes basketball so easy. It gets really tricky when people are posting me up. Usually they are bigger so i have to just let them back into my chest, but i stick one of my legs between their legs so my thigh is under their butt. So when i push them out usually lift up my thigh and bump them with my chest, and that moves them away. It works well even against a 230 pound guy. I can’t push them back, but i really slow them down as they try to get in. =)


On thrusday, when i was working in the grill room, i accidentally drop a dish from my arm level. It was falling down and i stuck out my leg and the plate slide off it it and landed on the ground. It did not break. =). The person cooking the hamburgers looked on in amazement because the plate didn’t break.

I thought of something cool to invent. I want to invent something that is like paper, but maybe a little harder and a little thicker like 1cm. It will be like paper, but it will hold writing that can be erased. You might have a binder and inside there is a little computer tablet. Very thin, and it holds writing. And you just stick this paper in, and out comes a copy of what was written on the tablet. To erase the paper you just stick it into the tablet again. I thougth that would be so cool.


i was just thinking

I was just thinking about the mormons we are talking to. I really believe God wants us there. Last week, since my blog was working i wasn’t able to write. But I know that God has a plan. He always does. How has God been speaking to you lately? For me, God likes talking to me audibly. I hear him speak through other people. Let me tell you about it.

So i was at celebration and after it was done i went down for the refreshment. so i was talking to some people that i knew. I was thristy then, and i walked to get a cup of hot chocolate. As i was walking back, i tried walking and this other guy almost bumped into me. He said something like “i’m really sorry for getting in your way.” I said “it’s alright”. So i was about to walk away but somehow he started talking to me. We exchanged names, and then the second question he asked me right after “how was your day?”, he said “what has God been teaching you in your life recently?”. That took me back, becuase i haven’t really thought about it. That’s such a good question, because you can’t answer with words like good, bad. YOu have to give some kind of answer. I started telling him about aacf and how me and several other guys were talking to mormons. So the guy was talking to me and telling me advice, and just sharing with me his experience with mormons. The point that he emphasis with me is that I have to show the mormons “God’s Love” a divine love that no human can give, love that only God can give out. Then he said he would pray for us and our outreach to the mormons.


My roommates are watching movies right now and i can hear it. I’m going to sit and start writing another song, I think i will call it “my shoe”. I think i’ll use lyrics like ” my shoe is old, is smells like mold. It squeks when i walk, similar to a monkey’s talk. The sole gives no comfort, the bottoms are like flubber.”

I wonder why i always feel so giddy. I think its becuase i tap into my inner child too much. I think its because i have a really strong sense of self that i’m willing to act different. I think i’m not really uptight about facets, so i wear my heart on my sleeves. That’s why people can always tell what i’m thinking through my facial expression. Like yesterday, vir was telling me that there was a get together in the 3rd week, because i was thinking about it I made a inquizical face. Alby said something to the effect “He’s pondering”. That was what i was doing, I was tring to think what was 3 weeks from the beginning of the next quarter. I’ve done that too in the grill room, i didn’t even notice it but they said “you are working in the grill room tonight”, and i think i frowned or something, and Rick was “at least smile and make me think you like working in the grill room.” I started laughing becuase i was thinking i don’t like working in the grill room, but i didn’t think i would make a face of disapointment. I’m like

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