So i woke up and saw Chris knocking on my door. He had decided to come and get me. So i woke up and ran out of the room. Such great commitment by him. =)


Today we decided to try a different church, just to see how they are. So we went to agape church. It was a good experience. It had more of the soul church kind of feel. With the choir singing like the one i saw at Allen Temple. The guy next to me reminded me of my neighbor. The bartholomew’s. When the pastor told us to greet our neighbors the guy decides to give me a hug. =).


Very nice people there, when we first got out we ran into this girl and guy and she started talking to us and welcoming. I didn’t even know that the service was long. It started at 10:30 and ended at 12:45. It didn’t get long until the last 10 minutes, when i really had to go to the restroom, but i didn’t want to leave because we were praying.


Ookay, i’m going to make myself study now or else i’ll just put it off until tomorrow. When i get home i’ll take some pictures of cute little kids, so i can post them on my blog.


remember names

I’ve told you before how i always forget people’s name. I’m going to have to figure out a way to not forget. I forget their name if i don’t say it outloud. This has happen so many times, and it happens again today. =(. Makes me feel really bad that i can’t even remember a person’s name.

Tonight, i went to celebration, and Chris gave me a ride. This time, he gave another girl a ride. She told me her name, and it flew right out of my mind by the time i got to the car. =(. Anyways her name was Christy-Anna. We were talking in the car, and she remember my name but i really didn’t remember hers. I was thinking Christine. It was a good thing she didn’t ask me what her name was. I would have been embrassed. So i’ve got to fix this attribute. Since Chris gave me a ride to the 7:00 celebration, i didn’t see anybody i knew there, so i just kept on meeting Chris’s PCF buddies. And one of the girls remembered my name from the first time i met them at the joint AACF/PCF meeting. And you know, i didn’t remember her name at all. I didn’t even recognize her.

I’ve come to a conclusion. I think all girls act strange when they are comfortable, and are themselves. Not strange in a bad way but strange like in my way strange. You know how i go off on tangents, and try to do cutesy things, i think that girls do that all the time. I’m not saying i’m a girl, but i think i tap into my emotions more. That’s what girls do, that’s why they think stuff animals are cute, and little babies are cute. The funniest thing about it is that the girls always try to apologize for acting strange. hahahaha, that just makes me laugh. I think being strange is more common then being common, if you understand what i’m trying to get here. Nobody is the same, and everyone has different flavors. Therefore, some people will laugh louder then others, some will thing something is funnier, and there are people who think blogging is cool, and that i am cool. While other people will hate to blog, but still like me. =). That last part is a joke.


I wonder how many people out there hate my guts right now. I’m going to start a thing that is opposite to friendster. I”m calling it, enemyster.That would be fun wouldn’t it.

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