I studied hard, now i just took the midterm, and i want to go kick my butt all over the table. I know i got one problem right. I got another problem 75% right, but i forgot to fixed the other numbers. I also think i know what i was doing on the other stuff. so it should be good. God will provide

So i was working in the cafe again. ASDF, i don’t like working the grill room, but they are sticking me there, because they need 2 people in the grill, and justin gets more priority in the room then me because he works more during the week. So he knows what’s he’s doing more. Then there is one girl, who doesn’t know how to work in the grill room, so she doesn’t work, and there is an open shift. So i get opportunity to cook grilled cheese. The good thing is that I have cooking vision. =). I can feel it when i should cook more food, because i can feel that someone is going to order it. So i don’t get backed up.

Ooh, today is the national day of prayer. So i will pray for you. And i’m going to … hmm, remember “romper room”. I’m going to take out that special mirror, and pray for “Jennifer, Jill, Jon, Jerry, Jim, Julie, Jim, Jed, Julian, Judy, … and all the rest of the people, I see you too”. Hehehe. I thought that was scary until i figured out that she was just making up names.

Finally, i’m going to fly through math like a math blaster.

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