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wow, i thought i had updated earlier. But i must not have. So i will give a recap of what happened between wednesday and today.

Wednesday: .. . Don’t remember, i htink i had a test that day.

Thursday:. Today was a fairly interesting day. I didn’t have school that day because of veteren’s day holiday, but I had to study. So i went over to Suzanne’s place and studied with her for the ee quiz. We studied for several hours, and then eventually, i just left because the studying was not being productive enough. Another guy had come over to study with us, and it was really slowing me down, because both of them are doing better in the class then i am, and they had less pressure to do well, so it kind of slowed down. So i had to leave.

After studying until 6:00, i went to farmers market with my small group. We walked around farmers market for a couple hours. Had some really sweet apple cider and a tri-tip sandwich. There were a lot of people there that night, i htink it was because of the holiday. After coming back to my room, i had to study some more, but i was getting annoyed because my neighbors go to cuesta the community college, and they were playing music, and you could hear all the girls laughing and talking very loudly, because they left their windows open, and my windows are open. But they were loud enough to be heard, but you couldn’t hear them when they were talking, you just could hear them when they were laughing at jokes.

I then went to sleep early that night, I think around 10:00pm. And my roommate has been saying how I sleep more then him. And when i think about it, it must be true. I go to sleep at around 11-12:30. And wake up at around 7-7:30. While he goes to sleep around 2:30-3:00am. And wakes up at around 9:00am. But i think he sleeps alot because when i wake up in the morning, i’m feeling very tired and i see him sleeping in his bed and i wish i was sleeping. The funniest thing about my sleep habit, is that usually after going to my first class in the morning, I come back to my room and sleep for 30 minutes, or i go to the library and sleep for 30 minutes there before i do work.

Friday wasn’t terribly bad. There weren’t too many people on campus, I believe people went on a 4 day weekend. (those business majors and their no friday classes). So its’ really slow day. I had my ee test that day and i think i did really well on it, as long as i could add imaginary numbers. I totally forgot my ti-83 could calculate imaginary numbersz until my roommate told me later that day when i was in my room. ASDF if i had know that, i would not have had as much trouble calcualting it out.

Then i went back to my room after class. And as i was almost to my room i remembered that i worked today. So i had to walk all hte way back to campus and into hte kitchen. But i don’t think the cooks really noticed that i came in late. I just slide in the time card and went to work.

For some reason on friday night, i stayed up until 4:00am. I was playing gunbound =). While my roommate was playing viewtiful joe. And the words “tenchin a go go” is stuck in my head. Well its not as bad as my friends who were playing halo all day on thursday. One said “i hear halo gunshots ringing through my head”, and the other one said “i hear halo background music right now” while we were at aacf.

Today, we had a men’s get together. It was meat night, so marc and i went to food 4 less and got some pork ribs, and soda. And we had a lot of meat tonight, ribs, london broil, sausage links, pork, tri-tip, and some other meat. And we played some poker, watched “man on fire”, and just hung out.

Whew, i’m tired now.

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