loading up

Well, at the meat party last night, arthur was telling me that i should start bulking up. So he was telling me that I shoudl go on the anti-matt diet. Instead of no food after 9, no fried food, and no soda. I should eat food 1 hour before i sleep, and drink a lot of soda and eat a lot of food. Haha, i think that is funny. I better start loading up on food.

Let me go over what i ate today. In hte morning i had some potatoe chips and some bread before going to church. Then i came back and had noodles for lunch. Then after the noons, i had some biscuits. Then for dinner I had … hhaha, my roommate and i are laughing because we see the walking pooh bear commercial. That looks kind of creepy the way it walks and starts talking.

Back to what i had for dinner, I had sugar peas, sausage, with rice. Then 30 minutes ago, i made myself a breakfast burrito for an after dinner snack.

So, in order to gain more weigh. I think i will start getting more meat into my system, and upping my meals to 2 more inbetween meals. Hmm, think i will make some baked potatoe fries. Because i’m still very hungry.

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