Unrestful night

Oh boy, I thought I was going to get a good nights rest. I did get a good 9 hours of sleep, but i felt so tired when I woke up. I think it might because i had a triple bad dream night (too much work in my brain as I was sleeping). I remember waking up at 1,3, and 7 am. Before waking up at 9am. It was interesting how I had 3 different dreams with 3 different storylines. But I guess it took its toll on me because I woke up feeling really tired, and wanting to go back to sleep.

    I feel sorry for Electrical Engineers, because so many problems can occur because of wires not being grounded. That’s what happened to my senior project. My ground wire to the outlet had bent and broke off, so it was kind of getting ground by not really, so the machine would kind of work. It took me an hour to find out what hte problem was. It was really easy to spot the problem when i was tugging on a wire, and i saw a giant spark as my high and neutral wires made a giant spark. Good thing I found that, and all hte problems I had for that are gone.

  Its so boring here in SLO, I just want to go outside and play. But there’s barely anyone here to play with. But it gives me a lot of solitary time alone to reflect. Especially without internet at my place.

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