tv = dream machine

Since I sleep like a panthers sometimes. If I leave the tv on, it infiltrates into my mind in the morning. Or while I am taking a nap. I think there was an episode of Ben Ten on tv. So I had this interesting dream, where I had the omnitrix and had to stop some aliens from taking over a little condo. Unlike the cartoon, I couldn’t go hero mode. All the omnitrix did was give me super jumping ability. So when i wanted to keep on staying in the air i would just move my feet like i was walking in the air.

    But my most confusing dream ever was when I was once in a dream, and my sister was talking to me. I was concious enough to hear her talking to me but i was still in my little world. So I was getting all confused, because i woiuld be riding a bike, or doing something and my sister would ask me a question that was totally unrelated. I think I answered her back. When I woke up, she was standing right there next to my bed talking to me. Since I did remember what she said in my dream, I just continued the conversation.

   I hope my lab partners come back from vacation. I”m kind of stuck at a point on the project. I can see the end of it now. Need to punch a hole, and test the valves. I just need to figure out how to center the valves.

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