Okay, best post of the past week

Okay, I’m going to quickly recap everything that happens in the 10 minutes I have right now, before I fall asleep.

Friday, I only ate 4 of those churros, and i had 40 still sitting on the dining table. So at night, we had a churro eating party. We still didn’t finish eating it. So we had to throw it away. I noticed that one of my roommate throws away a lot of food. I think that is the reason that our trash cans fills up so quickly. I don’t know how it happens, but our 3 trash cans get filled in less then 1.5 days. I go to sleep, and its empty, I wake up in the morning and they are half filled.

One of my roommate is already buying stuff for his apt that he is going to move into during the end of june. So there is less and less room in our living room. He got a massage chair (which felt really good), and there is a desk still in the box, up on the wall in the hallway. Good thing we don’t have parties, because there’s really no place to put anyone anywhere.

Anyways, I really like how AACF seems to be trying to get more teachers from Cal Poly to speak for us. We had Elder Kurt Brown from church come speak. And he was joking about how Ivan made a bad mistake saying “never tell a black speaker that he has no time limit, because we will be here all night”. =). He was speaking about sacrifice and servanthood. I really felt encouraged by what he said.

I also got a revelation as he was speaking about servanthood. I began looking at all the people that i’ve met during my time in college. I’ve noticed that I had a lot of Christian lab partners and study buddies. I never noticed it until now, but it was really fascinating. The thing about it was that i didn’t know the guy I was working with was a Christian, until halfway through lab. Freshman year, I went into chemistry lab and just sat at a random table, and this 4th year guy was my lab partner. Then I saw him once at Celebration. That’s been the same way with a lot of my lab partners. I hope that I made a good impression on each of them.

My roommate and I also had a good chat. So I think he has learned to control a little bit of what he says to me. We was talking about what he and his friends would joke about things, and when they did it to other people, it would get into the person’s mind/nerve. So we talked it out, and my roommate hasn’t made as many comments that would mess with my mind. I think another reason was that he thinks that I might snap. He must think I harness the anger, and will explode.
I did scare Gary once while playing basketball. For some reason, I went into serial killer basketball mode. Because i was dribbling the ball and was going to take Gary one on one to the basket. And I gave Gary a stare that made him say “Andrew, stop looking at me like that, I’m getting scared”. That freaked me out too. I didn’t know i could scare Gary.

Sunday was mothers day, and I never did figure out what to get my mom, so I ended up writing her a lovely card. Its the thought that counts. I didn’t want to get flowers, because my dad would do that. I didn’t have time to make something, and I didn’t really want to buy her anything because she likes stuff if i make it myself with my own hands.

I do a lot of homework all the time. I can never seem to get ahead. Everytime i catch up, I’m behind by the next day. =O. At least I don’t get do 29 pages of homework a week, as my classmate told me he had to do for another class. Speaking of homework, my friend made me laugh because as engineers we use engineering computation paper. So I carry engineering computation paper, college rule paper, and some blank white scratch paper. We use engineering paper so much that is what we refer to as paper. So he asks me if he could borrow some paper, so i give him some engineering paper. Then he said, “no, I want the other paper, the … white paper”. I then give him some blank white scratch paper, and he goes “no, that other paper,”. Then I give him some lined paper. =)

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