I’m having a hard time understanding dynamics. That class si so confusing. I think it’s because i have a math teacher trying to teach an engineering class. So she doesn’t really use any of the other stuff that we learned from statics, and just takes the long way to do all the problems. It gets me all confused because she starts doing things that i would never think about doing because all my other classes, the teacher always tells us to find the fastest and quickest way. And our dynamics teacher takes the longest and more difficult way. Then she doesn’t really teach well in dynamics she just does a lot of proofs, but doesn’t really tell us why we do certain things. But i will have to work through it. Even though it will be painful.

Why, oh why, do i get lazy. I dispise it when i get mentally lazy and physically lazy. I have to figure out how to get myself to stay at a high level. I think it’s becuase i need 9 hours of sleep, andi only have 7 hours currently. I need to exercise more and eat more greens.

I think i’ve done enough venting right now. Becuase I don’t like making mean comments, it makes me feel low. So i’m going to do work now. =). I have to weld my sword of knowledge and slay every single class.

I”m going to hug my pillow right now, becuase i want to give someone a monster hug, but no one is here. So i’m going to squeeze my pillow. Makes me feel warm inside. I want to go play with some little kids, because they have so much energy and don’t feel limited. I thinjk i’m starting to get limited, because my brain is starting to build my box. So i have to break the box, and not limit myself. I want to be like the pretender and do every single job.

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