an update

why have I not updated. Well for one thing i hate my server taht i’m updating on. It keeps on messing up my blog. So i’ve been contemplating buying my own web hosting. It’s only 1.95 a mohth. That looks like a good deal to me.
That looks like a nice price.

I had a monster headache yesterday after my math midterm. It was so bad that i went to sleep and i don’t think i ever got into a deep sleep because i went to sleep with pain and i woke up with pain. Then i popped in a tylenol. and i had to go by groceries, and my head still hurt. My head wasn’t as bad at night but still hurt, so i didn’t go to aacf, because of the throbbing.

Then i think i got the headache because i forgot to eat breakfast before my class, so i didn’t have any stuff up there.

Last week was one painful week, 3 really hard midterms in 3 consecutive days. Dyanmics, Physics, and math. Nasty stuff. Really took me out. I went to sleep at midnight and woke up at 6:00am for 4 straight days. And it was funny becuase last night i went to sleep at 3:00 am because i was having insomnia from my nap, and i woke up exactly at 7:59 am. My body is still waking up early. asdfasdf, I think that’s a good thing. And i went back to sleep. But I was in a dream and and snapped out of it becuase it felt like i was sleeping too long. I was having the problem all week. Because i wanted to wake up at 5:30 but i kept of over sleeping through that time. And i would be in my dream and somehow i’m inbetween dream land and reality, and i just start thinking and in my dream my subconcious tells me that i’ve slept too long.

Then asdf asdfdsfsadfasdfasdlfkajsd;flkjdslk;asj. I”m going to start studying for my finals, 3 weeks from now, because i’m gettting pounded rock hard by all my classes. It’s like riding a boat that’s about to tip over and sink. So i have to salvage and just weather this rough, i mean rough. Weather.

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