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Well, I got back from college during the weekend.

I was really surprise to see what happened to my room. I think I knew there was something wrong when I saw a little pink foldable stool in front of my door. I opened up my room and saw a giant pink little kids tent sitting on top of my bed. Filled inside with pillows and a stuff animal. I could not figure out why it was there, but then my sister told me why.

It was there because my sister doesn’t want to take it apart. Because every friday night, Zoe and Phoebe come to our house, because auntie Betty has a church adult group fellowship. So those two little girls come to our house, and sometimes they usually they sleep. That’s why they brought a little barbie kids adventure camp kit. They sleep in my sisters room with the tent. Since they do that almost every friday, my sister decides its better to just keep the tent up. But this tent takes up the whole entire room. =O. Its a little bigger then my twin size bed. So now it has been dismantled.

I also went to my grandma’s house yesterday. She wanted to treat me out for lunch, so my Dad and I went. So anyways at her house, I helped her cut off some fruit from her tree. I’m not sure what kind of fruit it is, but it is really sweet. Its orange but really small, around the size of a ping pong. I have to take of the thin orange skin and there are 4 seeds in the middle, surrounded by the fruit. I will find a picture of it.

It was hard work taking down some of the fruit because we only had a chair, and we didn’t bring a ladder. So I was just standing under the tree with my branch cutter. My grandma was holding the box next to me, and we would look for the nice ripe orange bunches. I would cut it, and she would try to catch it into the box.

Speaking of the fruit, my grandparents are over at my house for several days. And my grandma was telling me how some high schoolers from oakland high sat in her backyard one day eating that fruit. She told them to go away. I’m not sure if they did, but I always wondered why my grandparents house even had a wooden gate to the backyard.

If you have never been to my grandparents house, they live on the corner of Mckinley and Athol. Right on the corner. There is a UCSF vanpool parked on the side street. But they have two entrances to their backyard. There is the front side which has a wooden gate. Then there is the backside that doesn’t. Its just a very small corridor between a row of bushes and the wall. So you could walk right through it all the way to the backyard.

Time to start getting in shape, because i’m out of it after sitting in the library for the past 2 weeks. My grandma said I looked pale.

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