Last Final today

Ooh, I’m happy that today is going to be my last final. But its intermediate dynamics so I’m nervous about it. I’m also mad at that class, because the teacher gives really hard tests. But anyway as I was studying for the test, I noticed that it is only on 5 sections of chapter 7. So it is mostly the same stuff from the last test, plus some new stuff. So, my goal is to get out of that class with Done. There are just some classes that I don’t do well, and its dynamics.

Don’t you ever have a hard time trying to study. I can study, but it takes me about 30 minutes to start getting into the flow. For the first 30 minutes, as i’m looking at the stuff, I have no idea what’s going. But then all of my sudden my mind decides to stop fulling around and I start understanding. I think that is what happens on tests too. I think that is why i do much better on finals then in class tests, because the first 15 minutes, I’m just looking at the questions figuring out what is happening.

I noticed that all my classmates in ME classes don’t shave for finals week. We all want to go with the scruffy, unkempt look. We want to scare the test into submission. I try to do that too, but I don’t get as good of a look. The best part about taking the tests with people I know in ME classes, is because we all like to joke around right before the test. They were joking “Andrew, don’t set the curve too high, I want to do well”. Then I would joke saying “I’m going to take the test in pen”, and they would continue on “yeah, because real men take tests in pen.” By the way, I would never want to take an ME test in pen, because I would easily run out of space. Also, when I do ME tests, there is usually one question I totally mess up. So when I analyze my answer I find out that i used the wrong equation. And out comes the eraser.

Finally, my other two roommates have started to move stuff to their new place. So anyways they had bought some food so I ate with them. Anyway, my roommate had bought a bottle of wine that he had opened several days before. So he said I should try it, so I had a little sip of it (as a side point, I don’t drink, but I’m just curious about how they taste. And alcholol has this really bad taste to it. I even have a hard time eating rum cake.). And it was ultra nasty, and I said “what is this wine made out of”, because it tasted bitter and awful.
15 minutes later, my roommate tried the wine and he choked as he drank it. Then my other roommate had come in, and he knew stuff about wine, and when he smelled the wine, he said “Its separated”. So we were drinking vinegar. Then I found out that in wine you have to keep the cork moist, and that is why people keep the wines upsidedown, or sideways so the cork always stays moist.

I can’t wait to go home, I’m not sure what i’m going to do, most likely i’m going to bum around. I should go get some money and make something.

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