I went to the dentist today to get my routine checkup/cleaning. The dentist uses this jetspray from a very pointy like hook to clean my teeth. For some reason, I’m not sure where my tongue is hanging out in my mouth ,and i sometimes accidentally bring it in contact with the spray. Kind of painful to my tongue. For some reason, I had a lot of saliva in my mouth today. Because my lips did not become dry as usual, and he kept on having to take out saliva from my mouth.

I don’t like running, because it takes away all the water weight in my body. So i have to drink more water. I ran for the first time in 2 weeks, two days ago. I had run down to the park, up the hill. Then i walked around on the path inbetween the houses. Then i came back to the little kids park, did some situps, and played on the swings and monkey bars. It was a good thing there were no kids there, because I would have scared them.

After my first run, I came back and looked at my weight, and i had lost around 10 lbs of water and something. I had reached 127 on Sunday, and now i’m back hovering at 119.

Ooh, and when I was coming back from the dentist office with my sister. I was driving behind a man who was having a fit of road rage. I was on crow canyon road, and that is a one lane road, and there was a van driving at 30mph, on the 40 mph road. So this guy in the truck in front of me was getting mad. I could tell because his arm was out the window doing the “what is wrong with you” (arm raised up in an act of defiance”, and because he couldn’t get around the van, the arm soon fell down and went into the “I don’t care, I’ve been defeated mode”. Its just interesting watching people get mad, and because we were driving slow, I just turned the music up and enjoyed the drive. My sis was telling me “how come you don’t drive faster”, once that van had turned off the street and the truck had sped away. Because in my head, I know i’m only 17 miles away from my house, and going at 45mph instead of 60 mph will only be at most 2-3 minutes difference.

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