Transparent Retreat


This year’s theme was called “Focus living” It was really interesting, especially with the type of speaker we had. He focused a lot on how we really need to love people, and that the biggest thing about God is that he loves the people who are the total opposite of us.

That was one of the things I had to think most about just realizing that sometimes there are people I would stay away from, but these are the people that still need Jesus.

1) The one story that stuck out to me was how he when he was living in jacksonville, there are a lot of megachurches in the city and a lot of homeless people. All the people that go to the churches drive into the city and go into the parking structure, and then walk across a catwalk into the church. Then when church is over, they walk back over the catwalk and never walk on the streets and see the homeless people. It makes me wonder if I am doing the same thing and not helping people because I don’t go out of my way to put myself in the same space as them.

2) Then there was the other thing I realized I was missing. I don’t know my Bible as good as I should, because the speaker would throw out verses and I wouldn’t know it. And he looked a little flabbergasted that we didn’t know.

3) I started to listen to more gospel singers because our speaker has a great voice. So I am trying to get my voice to get that strong and powerful. We will see if it works, right now there is this one new girl I have been listening to “Briana Babineaux”.

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