Southland Company Award Ceremony


So one of the nice things about working at Southland/Envise is that they really like to celebrate things, and people who do a great job. This year,  I got to go down to LA with a couple of my co-workers because one of the projects we were working on got nominated.

I flew down thursday morning for the thursday night. We were at a hotel in front of huntington beach. So before the ceremony started, I got a drink at a restaurant with my co-worker tyler.


I really like the name of that first beer they had “Hoptimus Prime”, it tasted okay.IMG_20170420_162941 IMG_20170420_180455IMG_20170420_143949

This is the view I have in front of my hotel room. I had a good 2 hours of rest before the night started. For some reason, I must be getting old, because just flying in made me really tired.


It is really nice to meet all the other people that offices. I guess I love to meet all the people I have emailed, or seen on company pictures. Anyways, tonight the Master of Ceremony was the Office Manager of our office. It is funny watching him roast everyone including the president of the company. Must take a lot of courage to make jokes about your boss without going overboard and getting into a lot of trouble. IMG_20170420_194911IMG_20170420_204610

My team ended up not winning anything.  My other co-worker’s team that worked on the Moscone projected ended up winning this trophy.


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