time to rumble

Rumble through my week, I’m going to take this week by storm.

Anyways, I didn’t do anything that would interest you. Today didn’t even interest me. I woke up feeling great, but once i jumped out of bed, i didn’t feel so great. My legs were really sore, It’s kind of hard to walk around, I feel like a tin man walking around.

I sat around doing my statics homework. I kept on getting the wrong answer, and it was making me mad. I couldn’t figure out why. The answer i kept on gettting was 840, and the answer was 70. It took me forever, then i thought maybe i don’t know my units any more. For some reason i kept on thinking ” was feet. But it turned out that ‘ is feet. So i divided bye 12 and my answer can up. I kept on worrying about it for so long.

I know a few people who play poker online, and come out even . So i decided to sign up to play pokeer, but just before that, i found this other place. I just play tetris, and if i score more points then my opponents i win money. So i put in 10 dollars from my account. So i just sat and played some tetris. I’m currently coming out even. I win and lose.


start of another day

I’m getting into this habit of waking up at 6:30 am. It isn’t so bad if i do it everyday. I”M just getting up. Automatically.

I”m eating food like a poor man right now. I’m lazy to cook anything. So i just put in the rice, nad sprinkle soy sauce and eat it.

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