time to put my money in my mouth

So today will be a good post, so time to put on the thinking caps, because I’m going to delve right in.

So Vinesh and I have been writing a script for the animation we are making. So we are at the point where we are trying to build the character’s likes/dislikes. Their whole psyche essentially. Its kind of hard, because we are trying to make sure we make a character have enough difference between all of them. Which comes to my first topic of the day.

I’ve had at least 10 different roommates throughout my college life. And when I think of those characters, I think of all my past roommates and their thinking. So I’m just talking about the different types of personalities out there. For some reason, I always happen to choose roommates who are on the opposite spectrum of my personality. I’m not sure if its unintended, but it seems like it.

So when I talk to people, I can usually start to tell what kind of personality they have after maybe around one to two minutes of talking. So my current roommate Marc, I would call him LA chill. He’s really funny, but doesn’t really like to show it. You have to go up and talk to him, else you will think he doesn’t really talk. I think he’s the type that thinkgs “I don’t really have anything to say, so I won’t force anything”. So sometimes we just sit there watching sports for an hour or so and not say anything. Usually, I will say something because I get really excited while I’m watching sports. And he’s sitting there calmly watching. So I’ll give him the proverb that I read in 2nd grade on the wall “If only people were as wise as the owl, who just sits there and listens”.

Then there is my other roommate Tom, when I walk past him he usually sits there and says hi to me. Even though I see him every single day. And I think he and my other roommate Brian like to talk, because they usually say something to me throughout the day when we cross paths.

Hmm, I’m not sure why I’m writing about this. Oh yea, now i remember. When I talk to people, if you know them you can kind of tell what they will like. Even though they have never heard of it, I can kind of tell if they will like something. I’m not sure how, but it must be hints in the way they talk. There are topics like religion, politics, and some stuff that I wouldn’t talk to some people, but i would with others.

Since my roommate knows me fairly well he seems to be able to decipher between when I’m talking to him, and when I’m talking to myself. I’m not sure how he does it, but it must be the way I talk to myself. And he always tells me “Andrew, why do you stop talking when i turn away from you to pick up something”. I think in my mind, I automatically think that someone is not listening when they turn their head. So i stop talking, and when they are ready to listen i talk again. I’m not sure why I do that, but I notice that I do that all the time.

Time for the news item of the day. I was reading about the illegal immigrants that are protesting today. And I’m not sure why congress would want to ship them out, becuase they do the labor that I would never do. I think they do a lot of landscaping also. And if I needed manual labor i would go to the local home depot and pick some workers up. Edris did that when his parents were moving. And they work hard, and its effective for one day labor. ok

Finally, I went back to my place today, and I was wondering why all my roommates were up so early at 8am. I was walking in and my polar bear roommate was up, even though he went to sleep at 4 am. Then I hear these giant scraping noises, and swooshing, boom, chipping sound. And its because there are guys working on the roof. and their scrap truck is right in front of my window. So I watch debris thrown from the top of hte roof to the back of the truck.

What I haven’t done in a while is vote in an ASI election. But I think this year, I’ll vote for the ASI president, becuase he is my lab partner, and he gave me a cool looking pin. It looks like he will have a 50/50 chance, because he’s only running against one person.

Cool … I was looking out my window, and the frat down hte street has a giant inflatable waterslide up. And they are playing around in it. There are giant water guns at the base of hte slide, and they push each other around on the slide.

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