You know what’s funny, how people watch the nfl draft. Well, lets say I did the same thing this morning. I’m not sure what so exciting about it. But I woke up right at 9am (not a minute too late ) to turn on and watch the draft. Then I go online and I see 4 other guys I know, and they are up. And they are watching the draft also. So I’ve been doing homework at watching the nfl draft.

I always like watching the reporters do those live video conference interviews, because they have that 3 second delay between the interview question and the answer. So you just see both people sitting there smiling at the camera. Then after a few seconds they say something.

Last night, I had to stay in the lab and do more work then I wanted to. And there were several other guys in there, and they were working on a project also. I have truly messed up my sleep cycle. I think have a regular person schedule, but with student time stuck into it. So my roommate knows I sleep, but it appears to him that Im always awake. Wake up at 6:30 and go to sleep at 2am. Then somewhere along the way I find more time to sleep.

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