So I was sitting around today just daydreaming. Well, actually its like wishful thinking. So I was sitting around dreaming about what I would do if I had the money to run a sports franchise. I thought about how interesting it would be to be a general manager/owner. And then I could go to drafts and meet other gm’s and then trade players. Then I thought about how I would build a winning team that was so dominating that all the other owners were scared of me.

I then proceded to go online and check out the current values of all the franchises. And it looks like the cheapest franchises to get will be the lower revenue teams in baseball. Then while i’m thinking about this Edris calls me up. So I think during the summer, whenever I have free time, it looks like I will be in the park hitting baseballs. We are planning a schedule of just baseball, basketball, and somewhere in the middle is the World Cup.

Those guys who were working on the roof are about 3/4’s of the way done. I didn’t really hear them on top of the roof today, so I know they finished my side and are going down. They have this giant heater(kettle) making machine outside. I could tell it uses a lot of water, because they had 4 empty tanks of water outside, and all these tar buckets. And there is this really long pipe that goes all the way to the roof, and it smelled like burning rubber all day.

I was in the lab yesterday, and my lab partner comes in. And he was walking to class, and had to walk pass the grass that was being mowed. So his eyes were all red, and he was really out of it. I think every 20 minutes, he got up and went to the restroom I believe to wash his face. But since he was really “not there”, and I didn’t really sleep that much the night before. We were like zombies trying to do our lab. And we were getting right answers, but since my brain was on vacation. I didn’t notice that our numbers were just in radians/sec instead of frequency. So I think that proves that not having a lot of sleep is detrimental to my brain power (also, not eating breakfast).

You know what I find rather interesting is how some people flake out on you. But for some reason, it doesn’t really bother me. Or it could be that it could be that I ask people who I know will at least try to come through to come through for me. I think that could be one reason. But I know how it feels to be flaked on, but I guess its something I learned as an engineer. Actually, I think i know why. I think its because of the mentality, it doesn’t bother me because I know that God is in control. So I let Him worry about it for me, while I just do what I need to do.

Subconciously, I bet my roommate and I are so alike that we don’t even know it. You know what feels weird is when you are watching the same program as your roommate with two tv’s facing in opposite directions. For some reason, I feel as if we are both watching the same channel we should just have one tv on. This is because I’m facing one side, while he’s facing the other side of the room. So if we both are watching the same channel, all of a sudden it feels as if we have surround sound in our room. It gets interesting, because i might be watching cartoons( one of my lab partners says that I’m the only guy he knows that watches cartoons). I might be watching “Jimmy Neutron”,”Shaolin Showdown”,”My Gym Partner is a monkey”, and he’s watching 24. But then 24 would get interesting because they catch the bad guy, and my roommate says “everyone is excited because they got the robocop guy to play the villain, so if they killed him, he would come back stronger”. Then I watch the office, on thursday, and the sci-fi channel on friday.

What I notice is how all the tv new channels talk about the same exact thing. And all the anchors talk about it for the whole time. My roommate watches so much tv, i’m not sure where he finds time to do work. Everyday from 10-3 he has the news on, (Abram’s report, Rita Crosby, Hardball, and then Countdown with Keith oberman) unless there is a dodgers game. Then we turn to espn, and its baseball, PTI, and Around the horn. If i get addicted to tv, its going to be because of my tv watching roommates. I still can’t figure out how for hte past 3 years, I’ve had roommates that could watch tv and movies while studying for their tests, and doing homework. =[ ](its suppose to be a jaw drop) i’ll just think that they are multitasking freaks of nature.

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