the vending machine that wouldn’t open

I remembered what else i did last night. As i was going to the lab final, i wanted to get my lab partner a candybar. So i was in front of the vending machine putting in money to get candy. So i got a twix, and then put in more money and got a kit kat for my roommate. I’m not sure what he would like so i hoped he liked it. It was around 6:30pm, and the sun had set. So i go down to push open the vending machine door to get the candy bar. So as i push it in, it only went in and rammed into something and wouldn’t open up up anymore. I looked, and saw that whenever i pushed in the door, the lower level that usually holds the gum would rotate up also, when i push in hte door. Because that went up, it would block door from opening all the way up.

I was trying every possible way to get to the candy. Good thing there were only 2 people standing around. And both where on their cells talking, and i was there trying to push open the vending machine tray door. So i didn’t feel out of place. =). Eventually, i just ended up walking to another vending machine, and buying the exact same thing.

Speaking of how a machine is turned off. Well, at lighthouse, they would close up the milk machine. All they would do is open up the machine and put the nozzle from the bag of milk inbetween a fork. That would stop people from getting milk.

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