no problem w/ my bathroom, but my roommate. ..

So i’m sitting here in my room and doing homework, and i can hear my roommate plunging away. Somehow the toilet is not working. Water did go down, but only some of it, and it doesn’t seem to be going away. I used the technique my uncle taught me on plunging a toilet, and it sounded like the water was going down. But it didn’t go down, so I went back to studying, and my roommate is still working on the toilet. Its been 1.5 hours. =). I think he has it finished now, becuase i hear him showering.

I went to the supermileage meeting today. And they were having the traithlon at cal poly. I saw some guy from supermileage crash (minor) into a guy on a bike coming down from a slope tight. All we did at supermileage was figure out how to spend the 5k on stuff for supermileage. Isopropline(i think this was the name of the gas, lab grade) gasoline costs 60 dollars a gallon. The spynergy wheels we might get at a discount, and the wheels will cost around 800. So we currently have 800 dollars left, and we want to use up the money. This is because, if we don’t use the money, it goes back to the state, and we will get less money next year. So we want to try to use all the money. We are going to see if we can buy team uniforms (a formal name for shirts) We are not sure if it will go through.

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