I think its funny how people make up random nicknames for me and it sticks. So in Lighthouse (cafeteria) that i work in the back. The sous chef called me “bruce Lee”, because he said “you are my best worker, super human” So when we would see the workers who clean up the place he would tell them my name is bruce lee. So now they call me bruce lee, these spanish guys would say “brucccce li” That’s what i hear. Its funny.

So now they want us in the kitchen to look more professional, and they have campus dining shirts. The only thing is that they only have one size, x-large. So i have to roll up my sleeves so my shirt looks like a muscle shirt. Then you can see my t-shirt under. If i didn’t roll up the sleeve it goes 1 in below my elbow and causes problems for me.

Haha, the girls that work in the front serving food talk a lot. I was out there and they were commenting about how cal poly does not have that many tall guys, most of them are “andrew’s size”. I thought that was funny, comparing everyone to me.

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