the laugh

Why was I practicing my evil laugh? I have no idea at all, but I was thinking it might be cool to have one. Could you imagine a cat burgular sneaking around my house, and if I just belted out my evil laugh he might get really scared and run away. My sister got scared because I came into the house laughing like that after I picked up the mail. If you want to hear it, laugh

I then went to the dmv office today to pick up a report on my dmv record to show them. I had to pay 5 dollars for a printout for a report that said if i had ever been in any accidents or had any convictions. Because, as my friends have seen me drive and have call me a tour guide driver (its mostly because I’m really laid back when I drive, and I take my time) there was really nothing on my record.

Its good that the DMV now has a new waiting system in place with the electronic waiting tickets, because I can see the wait time online at the DMV website. So I went to the Hayward DMV when there was no one there.When I looked at it I didn’t really see much, i just saw the same things as on my drivers license except it had more stuff like accidnets, convictions and other stuff, but I have a clean record so none was put next to all of them.

Finally, I’m not sure what shampoo was being used, but it left a funky smell in the bathroom downstairs, so my dad had me wash the restroom today. So I used a lot of the pine scented stuff in water to clean the floor. Now the restroom smells like a lemon tree.

AFter that, I was looking at the money I would get from my internship, and I was thinking I should start investing some of that money into the stock market. Because I have a fairly good eye and analytical approach, and I watch Mad Money.

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