I think i’m sick from thanksgiving, sore throat (but i hope its just a strain throat from singing). But I think its most likely a combo of strain. Why is my voice strained? Well its because I was sining karoke revolution at my auntie’s house during thanksgiving dinner. And I wasn’t just singing any songs, I was singing the ones that no guy should sing. Like “wind beneath my wings”, “billie jean”(how does he sing so high”, and I was singing out of my range level, so it strained me. Especially “Genie in a bottle”, that made my voice just crumble, even my psuedo-voice died.

I think that was thursday. While on Friday, I went over to Vinesh’s house and we watched tv at night. We watched whatever was recorded on their dvr. So we ended up watching 2 episodes of Corbert Report, then we watched rebelde. So we were bored so we rented “Melinda and Melinda”, and it was a close choice between that movie, and some indy film. But it won out, and lets say, after watching that movie, we concluded that the movie would have been better without the tragedy part. The movie told the same story, but one as a comedy, and the other as a tragedy. We didn’t like how in the tragedy. And the way they spoke in the tragedy part reminded us of how our friend C tried to write his scripts. Where he tries to fit as many 5 syllable words, to make it sound sophiscated.

Then we had a feast at 1:00am. We had to choose between McDonalds, or me cooking. And it was a good choice that they choose Andrew cooking. So we went to Safeway and got penne, alfrado sauce, and chicken. For our chicken I bought the really thin chicken lunch meat, because Vinesh said that we can not have any “leftovers”, so we didn’t want to buy the roasted chicken, and needed something that cooked fast. So we ended up with the thinly sliced chicken lunch meat. So in order to kind of make the lunch meat like real meat, I rolled up each slice of chicken into a nice roll, and cooked that on the stove. It kind of gave the idea of chewing a piece of meat.

To top off our little feast, we had pillsbury reeces pieces cookies, they were really good. They come out of the oven really mushy and require 2 minutes to cool down and harden.

Then Saturday, I was playing with my little cousin Matthew. he can’t speak yet, so when he tries to talk, he does this kind of roar, and lifts up his hands. So it reminds me of godzilla as it gets riled up and is about to attack.

What i wanted to get done during the break was my homework for some of my classes. And lets say, the closest i got to doing work was just touching my handouts. Then putting them back into my backpack.

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