There are times when I get the courage to say something that is totally out there. Take for example my heat transfer project. We were working on the presentation last night, and it was okay. We practiced most of it, and got it all down. I come in today, and kind of forgot what i was going to say for each expanded point i have.

But anyways, my friend in the class had said how he wanted to say “all your base are belong to us” during his presentation. But his groupmates wouldn’t let him do it. So he asked me if I could do it in my speech. So I’m giving my speech, and all I can think about is where can i stick it in. So it kind of throws my speech off a little, because i started getting a little *wordy. So I come up to the conclusion. and End it with “Now do you have any questions, and all your base are belong to us”. My friend looks like he is about to crack up, and so do his teammates. While everyone else including my lab partners went with a look of “huh” over the speech.

I think i want to buy new rollarbaldes and street hockey equipment, because my lab partner plays street hockey. And i was sitting around at his place last night just doing wrist shots, and slap shots. The reason I was doing this was becasue we were waiting for the other people to show up.

What’s funny is that I don’t think i’ve seen my either of my roommates this week. The only time i’ve seen them is when they are on campus. The only guy I see is Marc. That’s because he sleeps in the same room. But anyways, I think my coughing is giving up, but I was having trouble sleeping last night. I kept on coughing, and I don’t have cough medicine, so I walk to the bathroom and then chug water. then go back to sleep, but then I have to wake back up and go to the restroom to get out hte water. So I did that 3 times last night. (It’s much easier to chug water then anything else, especially fenton milkshake). I just hate the part about having to go to hte restroom, because it wakes me back up. Eventually, I just tried breathing really really slow, and holding my breath so my throat wouldn’t be irrtated by the air. And it must have worked because i woke up in the morning wondering “how did i fall asleep?”

addition. i’m going to sleep early tonight to see if that will help me get better. I’m thinking about 7:00. So i hope to wake at around 7:00 tomorrow. Anyway, I was eating cheesecake in the UU lounge area, becuase there was some meeting in the chumash auditorium earlier. And they had left over food. So i had a cheesecake, and when i came back there was still cheesecake. Then I began to eat one slice, and tasted that nasty tasting don’t bite nail stuff, that Alby had put on the gummy bears. I think one of hte guys had just layered it right onto the cheesecake, because that taste was all over my mouth.Tasted just like melted wax.

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