done for the week

I felt like a robot this week. I think I have to start from Sunday to show what happened.

So It is sunday night, and I need to finish up drawing my solidworks. I’m trying to figure out how to draw a handle. So i’m sitting there figuring it out. And i find one of my classmates sitting in the lab working on it. So I go up to him and he shows me how to do several of the things. So I then spend the next 3 hours working on it. And I’m saving it to the desktop on the lab computer. I would save it to my flash drive, but when i tried opening the file from my flash drive it said “can only open as a read-only file”.

So I was saving to the desktop, because I would pull the files into my flash drives every once in a while. The thing about saving the file to the desktop is that the files get erased once a week, to clean out hte desktops. So I’m working at its around 1:00am. I think I had been working for around 2 hours without transfering files to the flash drive. And then a java box pulls up and says “10 seconds till computer shuts down for maintenance”, and I tried switching out from my computer and send the file to my flash drive, but it was too late. I lost all that data.

I get to my place at 1:45 and go to sleep. I was going to wake up at 7:00 am the next day to work , because maintenance ends then. Then I spend all day from 7:30 am to 5:30pm working on the solidworks. I go to all 4 of my classes.

So then i take the bus to south street, because I have to work on my heat transfer project. I had to take a 5:45pm bus, because that was the last bus to south street for the day. So I got to my project guy’s house 45 minutes early.

This guy lives on a really really busy street. And I was on the opposite side of the road, and it was dark and the streetlights are half a mile away on each side. It was a 4 lane street, and people drive really fast on the street. And there were so many cars, I don’t even think frogger could have made it across. So I’m just standing there for 10 minutes, waiting for a chance to run across. Finally, its clear enough for my to sprint across the whole 4 lanes.

Our heat trnasfer project was really getting on my nerves, jest because we couldn’t get any good data. We had an led, and a slit of paper to create a point source. And we had all the right insulation. We were
shining the light against a wall and using calipers to measure the distance. This bar was only elongating at most 2mm. So our numbers were not correct, and it was around 11:00pm. So we decided to go outside and get some taco bell.

As we go outside, we see the girl in our group go to this minivan. Then we find out that her boyfriend is in the minivan. He had been sitting in the minivan for 2-3 hours just reading .. in the dark too. We were all cracking up when the girl came back, because we thought it was hilarious how her dedicated boyfriend is sitting in the dark reading in his van. So the guy who lives at the house goes to the car and tells him to come in and read in the living room, while we are working in the garage.

I had to call my roommate at around 12:00am to tell him to leave the door open, because I didn’t bring my keys, and I don’t know when my lab would end. For the rest of the night we were just restlessly trying to figure out how to get it to work to no avail. … (on a note: today, I got an e-mail from my lab partners saying that they got good data, and it worked) … I was back at around 2:15am.

Sleep …. Wake up at 6:30am. Then I get dressed up for my design project, and we work on our presentation (at around 7:30am). I wasn’t really tired, becuase i was juiced about our project. Its called the turtle, and we have a gravity fed water facet. The handle also doubles as a trash bag, and paper towel holder. There were a lot of cool designs

  • screwdriver with built in flashlight, (they took 14 hours to lathe a 3 inch diameter stainless steel rod to 1.3inch.
  • motorcycle, pneumatic lift – so one person can put a motorocycle into the truck
  • automatic car shade – a shade that pulls down when the temperatures gets hot
  • moveable shelf storage – a sports shelf that can hold bikes, surfboards, moves up with a crank
  • bicycle gyro – a gyroscope added to a bike that will to help a person balance on a bike, (a good way for a person learning to to ride a bike
  • an air filter mask for bicycles – a mask that has a filter in a backpack for dirtbiking

Then I had to study for the poly science final, it was kind of hard. I took the test at 6:00pm. So now i’m done for the week. So I have to start studying for my finals

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