survived the week

Whew, well I survived all my midterms and lab reports. For some reason, vibes labs look easy but take forever to finish. I spent 5-6 hours outside of class working on the lab. I was going to sleep last night at midnight, and just as I was about to get in bed, my friend calls. And he’s and his lab partner were working on their lab report, and their program wasn’t working. There was something wrong in their program, so he asked if he could look at mine to figure out their problem. I think everyone is staying up later and later as the quarter is going.

I went to my 7 am class, and there were only 2 people there. I’m envisioning that by week 8-9 there might just be a total of 2 people in that class. The only bad thing about a small class is that the teacher knows my name, so he knows when I show up. And since this is Cal Poly, its much easier, because there might be at most one or two asians in my class.

Now I have to wonder about my housing for next year. (well i hope I don’t have to worry about it). The person who owns our place is selling it. So the real estate agent will come by later to look around the place. So currently, we aren’t sure what our situation will be next year. And my roommate was talking to the agent and he said that most likely it will be an investment group that will buy this condo. So we have a high probability to keep on living here. And he was also talking about how it usually takes 4 months to sell the condo. Then another 2-3 months for paperwork. Both my roommate and I have at most 1 more year left.

I thought Marc was going to go 7 years, but I think people at his home church want him to help out as a youth counselor (he goes home 2-3 times a month (I don’t know how he can do that much driving (7 hours round trip) during a quarter ). I think the reason he never falls asleep is because of his 2 week old open soda in his full size van. He drinks it and leaves it in there, and while he’s driving home, he takes a sip of it.

Time to go work on my design project with the posse on such a nice day.

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