I solemly swear to not procrastinate this week. Or else I might fall off the side of earth. I have a lot of stuff to catch up on for school.

Some drunk person, or idiot pulled down the mailbox. So I went to check the mail on saturday, and there is a nice little red piece of paper attached to the mailbox. With a picture that shows what a correct mailbox looks like compared to a bad mailbox. So right now the mail will be on hold at the post office. So I think I might have to go to the post office. btw… If i ever become a general, I would want to be the postmaster general. I would want to be in charge of a fleet of carriers. And award purple hearts to postmen who get bitten by dogs.

What sound I really don’t like, is the sound of popping in my shoulder and arms when I do pushups without stretching. It feels as if my arms are going to explode or just snap right off. And it also happens near the other joints near my hips.

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