i like small shops

So my lab partners and I have gone to all these hardware stores and home depot looking for tires and gears and motors. And we found nothing. So I went and talked to my friend who did this same project (evan) and he told me about this scooter shop. So this place is really hard to find becuase its really small. I think his whole place is smaller then a 2 car garage.

So we walk in and all I see are electric scooters and electric bike. Then there’s this hippie like guy working on a moped. And we talk to him while he’s working on his stuff. So he gets really interested in what we are doing. So he goes around and looks in his junk bin in the back for stuff for us. So eventually after around 40 minutes of talking with him and figuring out what we need. We come out with 2 24v motors, 3 gears, 2 small bike spokes, bike handle, jackshaft, chains, and 2 belts. The guy was really nice, because he knew we were students he was going to just donate it to us. But we didn’t want that, so we gave him 20 dollars for it all. But we came back with a lot of stuff.

Maybe we could end up making money on this project if we sell the motor to other groups. just kidding.

One more class to go. I have to give a presentation in Rinzel’s class. And I think it is going to be fairly easy.

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