speedy, speedy

That’s how fast I did my chores yesterday. I was sitting around doing my chores when Vinesh and Edris come over. They said “Lets go watch Syriana”, so I have to finish my chores, so we compromise and decide to watch the film at 4:20, (around 2 hours later). So then they just watch “Shallow Hal”, as I worked more efficiently than an army of robots. In 45 minutes, I washed the clothes, washed the dishes, washed the refrigerator, prep the food that my parents would have for dinner. Then we go.

Hmm, Syriana was an interesting movie, its not really action, its more like a film with a lot of talking (documentary in talk) because a lot of the story is about how business men move around to make things work how they want it. And how they get the government to help. Stuff like that, but it is very realistic to how things really work in the world.

Somehow we use up more time, and we are drivign back from Hollywood video with a movie we rent, and food I will cook (Fettuccine with chicken alfreado). But as we are coming back, we are talking about random things, and I was telling Edris who was sitting in the back, how as a kid i would like to lie down and just stare out the sky as the car is driving, because my perception of the world looks different. It looks like you are in a hover car or something. And the night was really nice looking, with this one giant streak of clouds or something in the sky. And the stars, and its kind of trippy when you lie down and look up. Especially when I started making turns, the streak would reorient itself in a different way. So I think we spent around 30 minutes in the car just driving around pineville circle, greenwich road, and londonderry drive.

We had dinner, and watched “the ring” because Vinesh had not seen it before. Then we had to watch the Daily Show and Colbert report to get into a less scared mode. But Vinesh had to drive me back home (2 minute drive down the street) So we walk outside to his car, and I hear a rustle in the bush. And we both turn around and see nothing, and continue walking. Then all of a sudden we hear something start rushing out of the bush, and both of us run to the other side of his car. And it was just a deer that had jumped out of the bush in front of his porch running away. That’s the only scary thing about Palomares, at night if i walk into my front lawn, there could be a deer in the corner eating the bushes, and then it starts running, and i start running.

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