I should not babysit when i’m sleepy

So, after church, my parents went shopping for food and so forth. I was kind of tired so i didn’t listen to messages on the answering machine. I pick up the phone at around 3:00 and my auntie asks if i can baby sit Matthew. So i say okay. He’s a little older than a year, and can walk so its kind of easy to watch him.

I go into my closet and find some old toys i have, tonka/matchbox cars and just put it on the ground and have him play with it as i sat down. He’s a walking little boy, keeps on walking everywhere, so I’m really lazy and just hope he walks back. And everytime he does, so I don’t have to get up to catch him. What i’ve learned about little kids is that I don’t think they really get hurt when they fall.

Because I was watching him walk around, and he just fell flat on his face. He didn’t cry, but my sister was saying “is he hurt?”, because he just kind of laid in the carpet face first for several seconds. Then he gets up and walks around some more.

Then, he bumped his head against the couch and started to cry. But I figured out the trick with him. I just offer him some cheerios and he sees them and stops crying and eats them. So everytime he cried i gave him some cheerios. Too bad my other auntie spoils him, because she can carry him for over an hour without getting tired. While I can carry the kid for around 5 minutes, and then I have to sit down because i’m tired. Then he starts to cry, and I have to devise a method of distracting him.

Then I washed the dishes in my fastest record ever, I think in 5 minutes I got all the dishes washed and into the dishwasher, wiped down the table and stove. I think that’s what happens when you have to go to someone’s house. So at vinesh’s house I ate his Costco cookies, and drank his milk. Vinesh’s mom buys the milk in pack of 4 or something. And stores it in the freezer. So they take it out and put it in the fridge when they want to drink it. So it the ice has not fully melted inside the milk, so there’s floating pieces of frozen milk in side.

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