I’m looking at my e-mail on my cal poly account. And i think it has a bad spam program. It labels anything that is sent out mass as spam. So i see CPSPAM in front of e-mails that are mass mailed.

And it also labels stuff from friendster and facebook as spam also.

I have an EE test tomorrow, and i think i’m almost ready for it. I was sitting around studing it in the library and now in hte room. My roommate is watching pulp fiction right now also. I just watched Samuel L. Jackson act cool. Then after hearing Samuel L. Jackson cuss, i can hear my roommate getting mad while playing madden. He’s all pissed off because his qb is overthrowing the wrs and the wrs are not catching. I hear him yelling “that’s pass interference, can’t the refs see that, you !@#!@# !@#@!%^&?”. That’s what i hear. I just chuckle.

I walked into the kitchen today, and saw that we have another trash can. Now we have 3 trash cans in the kitchen. And 2 food for less bags, holding trash. Haha, i don’t know how we do it, but in 2 days, we fill up all 3 trash cans, and the food for less bags. It gets nice and high, the only good thing is that, we haven’t had any ant problem. The only problem we had was when one time, someone forgot to fill the trash can with a trash bag, so some food and liquid got to the bottom of the can, and the can started to grow moldy. So I went and washed the trash can, and it was nasty. The stuff just floated around and lifted off. Really strong scent also.

Hmm, i was watching tv and I there was this show, and the guy was making a pick up line. And i told my roommate, i would use that pick up line. But right now, i can’t remember what that line was. But, when i go to anthropology class, i like to get their early. The reason is because i don’t feel comfortable walking into the class just as it is about to start. Because when i walk in, it feels like chicks are looking at me. It’s not that i’m afraid of attention, but i really don’t want to be bothered when i’m class. Maybe its because the class is 75% chicks. So maybe that is what the females in my engineering class feel like, all the eyes fly towards her.

We are just watching a news report and parents can buy a home drug test. And now my roommate jokingly thinks i’m on drugs, because i get the munchies all the time. I just turned around and asked my roommate if he was hungry, because i feel famished, after eating pizza and bread for dinner.

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