sleep talking

What up my brothers and sisters out there on the internet land.

I was up late last night looking to see if there were any internships opportunities available. So i took a look at them. And as i was looking them up, my roommate was sleeping. Then all of a sudden he starts talking to me. He says “so, lets do something tomorrow”. So i look at him and start thinking, then my roommate turns back over and says “okay, that’s a good idea”. That was first time i ever talking in his sleep. He makes a lot of sense when he talks in his sleep.

Haha, I told my roommate this in the morning, and he said “yeah, i do talk in my sleep, and you have been talking a lot in your sleep'”. He told me that when i’m asleep, I make a weird noise, and i start to talk. And i talk really loud when i am sleep talking. He can’t understand anything i say, because i don’t make sense. But the funny part is that he tells me that sometimes i talk in chinese, english, and some weird language that sounds like me speaking english backwards. He says he’s not scared when i talk in my sleep, because i do it too often. Haha.

Today, i looked at my cellphone and saw that i had a voice message from friday. And it wasn’t on my phone friday or saturday. I think i was just unlucky. So i spent some time working on my thermal systems lab.

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