fun time

twinkle, twinkle

Actually today was not fun, i woke up early and iwas tired. I thought class was canceled for fluids when i got near the door and saw it was all dark. Turns out, the teacher had turned on the overhead and turned out the lights. I think someone else had the same thought also, because i saw someone looking through the door window before coming into class.

I was thinking to myself. I wonder if i have a strange gaze or something. BEcause i was thinking back to the retreat and i was looking at people, and i’m not sure. Maybe i just have powerful eyes, because people would only gaze at me for a few seconds and turn their eyes away. I hope i’m not like ray lewis, and when i stare at their eyes, i’m just tunnelling my vision right to their soul. =).

What was funny was when i was in lighthouse, and i was talkign to someone. And he was making some kind of joke like “do you want to fight me”. And i gave him the glare of doom, and it looked like he was about to crack a smile as i was just staring. I wondered why, and he said “you don’t look mean when you stare me down, i can see you cracking that smile at the edge of your mouth.” Haha, he was so true.

I have the midnight munchies, i just ate a can of pineapples, and had several slices of toast.

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