So i sat there thinking

So i sat in front of my couch thinking. What was I thinking, you may ask? Well I was thinking, if i was a bounty hunter. I would pretend to be a delivery bounty hunter. I would leave my victims, their package. Have them sign off on their package. And once they walk into their house, I would run for cover, as the package explodes, and they become cover in glue(or that ooze from nickolodean), and then they are immobile. So you come in, and they bring them in for your award..

Yeah, that’s what I thought about. Doing a really cool job, I think its because a lot of cartoon shows out there, have the best jobs as being superhero. You never see bruce wayne have any fun working in the office, nope. All you see is batman flying around beating people up. Same for superman, none of his troubles are ever just centered around his real life job, but around his superman. So I think I will follow their trend. I will be an engineer by day, and bounty hunter by night. Or, I could just be a poker player by night. (which isn’t as exciting or physically demanding).

haha, somehow i’m thinking of something Doug said right now. He was saying “you should say, Have you ever gone to a supermarket with a lot of people in line in front of you at 10’o clock pm”. So here we go. I will now reach into all the demographics in the world

– Have you ever played a game with people younger then you, and because they are poor sports, they pout(cry) when they lose. While if they win, they start bragging about how good, and how they beat someone older then you.
Argh, I hate that. So next time I meet you sore losers again, if i play. I’ll let you win the first one, and then I’ll shred you up in the next game so bad that you won’t ever brag about winning again.

– Have you ever sat in a car so dirty, that when you drove, you could barely see through the grim on your window. And you had to turn on your window wipers to give yourself at least a clean view of where to drive?
It was great, I was in vinesh’s car that he had not been driven for 2 months, because he was in UCLA. So we sat in his car as he was giving me a lift to my house. I could not see clearly out through the side mirrors, it’s as if the window had another layer of grim on it. Very nasty. Then I took a hose to his car, and the best part was that the last time he washed his car. I believe he didn’t wash off the soap, and the soap just absorbed itself into his car. Cause as I was washing the car, all these soap suds started to from and it washed his car nicely

– Have you ever walked around your house and just sat down and watched tv?
Okay, that was too general.
– Have you ever sat down watching a game on tv(w/o sound), listened to different game on the radio, and draw at the same time?
If you have, you are cool. I tried to do that. It’s fairly hard, but you get can get good at it. But the only thing is that you can’t concentrate on all 3, you just can concentrate on one thing. So i was drawing, and I would concentrate to the point where i didn’t even realize the radio was on, but I would hear the announcer’s voice change, and he starts yelling and i would listen to the game. Then after I heard what happened. I would take a quick glance at the tv to see if there was anything important happening on the game i was watching on tv. I think it only works well for baseball, because that is a fairly slow game.

I would make the running channel. It will have all the video footage from all races. Haha, I was watching the olympics and they where doing sprinting, and then between one of the sprints, they had the ending to the 20k walk(race). The bad thing about these long runs, or walks. Is that they don’t really show it until hte end. So there is no buildup in hype, all you see is the person coming into the stadium walking. The best part were the announcers. They said only three sentences about the winner of the 20k walk, and they must not have had anything left to say, because there were at least 2 more minutes of footage showing the lady in her greece flag running around celebrating with the fans.

Have you ever read someone’s else’s livejournal and said “aww, I really don’t want to know about what happened in their day, because they do the same thing everyday?”.
Yeah, i know how you feel.

So as the great Levar Burtun says “You Don’t have to take my word for it” Go read other people’s blogs now.

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