Another Day of Filming

I hung out with conal today and we filmed another video. It might not be as good as the first one, but this one had more improv in it. There was Alex, Sam, Edris, Conal and I. We filmed it about several guys sitting around. I will have the film up later.

I had the worst night playing poker. I didn’t have one strong hand at all. At best I had a pair of Kings, and on that one, i lost. I just kept on getting bad off suits 2 and 5’s. All night long. It made it so hard to bluff, because they kept on calling my bluff, because i never was able to get much money, and they would just put in their money to see if i had anything.

Finally, I was at the park, and edris was giving me some info for the webpage. We were talking, at around midnight, and something started running towards us, we heard rustling, and we started running. I stopped to see what it was, and it looked like a deer, but we kept on running. Then edris tripped on the tanbark as we ducked under the bridge. It was scary hairy.

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