hot day

It’s very hot, but i will not complain, because it could always be hotter. My days before college seem to be burning up.

Anyway, as i walked to vinesh’s house. I was talking on my phone with marc getting stuff ready for when i go down. As i walked down the street, i hear a hiss from afar. Then i see a cat walk across the street. Then there was a gray/blackish cat in front of a house standing around, and this white cat crept to it’s front and started to bare its teeth and it. I thought the two cats would go at it, and fight. But it seems that the black cat got bothered and walked away.

I sat around at V’s house, and we played bond. Have to finish that game.

Yesterday, when it was tuesday, I went to doug’s house. I played some madden there with brad, and I took pictures with doug’s camera.

That’s my life, it’s going to be more focus. Laser beam focused

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