round 2

I decide to take a different route to work today. To avoid hayward high school, and the catholic school. So I go down another side street, this one being bockman road. This time, I get to a worst spot. There is a elementary school, and I wait a long time there, because all the cars are stopped trying to get into the parking lot. Then once I get past that, I drive down bockman and get stuck behind another crowd of cars going into this private school that only seems to have one gate in and out. But since I was stuck in traffic for so long, by the time I hit Arroyo High School all the students were in. I was talking to Todd about this, and there is only one way for me to avoid all the schools, except for Arroyo, and its to take this extended route behind bayfair. So, I’ve decided I’ll come to work earlier, and take a longer lunch break.

Today is safety day at work, so they had everyone (all 5 of us) sitting in a room watching a fire safety video. (I feel sorry for my co-workers, because they do this safety thing once every 6 months, and they have seen this video many times). Then we got to use a fire extinguisher and take out a fire. The one thing i found out is that a fire extinguisher will have at most 30 seconds of spraying time, then its run(actually walking quickly and calmingly) for your lives =).

I misheard what the guys were saying when the talked about going out to the place for the fire extinguisher practice. I thought they were saying “Kwanzaa Hut”, when they were actually saying “Quonset Hut”.

My sister saw the check/letter that Marc sent me. And she didn’t believe that marc had such nice girly handwriting. I had to convince her that it was Marc who wrote it and not his mom.

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