I win
So my goal today was to get to work first. But ahlast, I get beaten again. I get to work at 7:25, and there are already 2 people there. High School is starting again, because as I’m driving to work, I drive by Arroyo and Challenger. So many cars and jaywalkers. The jaywalkers I hate are the ones that walk really slow, even though they see me coming. Maybe those baggy pants would fall off if they ran, so they have to waddle slowly to keep them up.

I was going to send something in the post office today, but somehow between holding the package and leaving the door (1 minute span). The package left my hand and went back up to my room. So I’ll have to do it tomorrow.

My joke of the day is that Edris called me, and I told him to call me back 15 minutes later. So I picked up the phone and sounded all professional and said “dunder mufflin”.

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