What did I do today? First, I took the day off from work to go down to Cal Poly. Edris said he would accompany me down to SLO, so I went to pick him up from his house in San Ramon. But when I got there, he called me and told me that he was sleeping in Berkeley, because he had come back from SF with his friends at 5am. I wasn’t surprised, because he had told me they would be out in the city, and I asked if he could make it with me, and he was telling me how he could sleep with only 3 hours. But he lost this round.

So I left my San Ramon at around 10, and got to SLO at around 2. I went to my place. And, the place is big and looks nice, but the restroom is kind of ugly, dirty looking. I think if we put some flooring rugs down it should be okay. I made 3 trips back and forth from the place to move all the small stuff.

My sister moved up to Sac State today. So I helped her pack then I drove down.

While I was driving back home I was getting tired. So I did random things to stay awake. First, I sung outloud with the music, I played from my mp3 player. Then, I was tired, so I went into piano position posture, which really kept me awake. Then I played I spy with myself as I was driving. Since I started doing watercoloring again, I was looking at hte sky and wondering how to draw it. There were nice clouds floating, and in my mind I was visualizing how it come out. Driving 101 gives a nice view of a sunset, except the sun was right in my eye as I was driving. It was right over the hill, which was directly in my eyes. I couldn’t see anything except for the ground.

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