Restoring My Blog

I want to let you know that I have not written in my blog in a long while, and that was because it got hacked and I could never fix it. I tried on and off for 6 months to try to fix all the problems that happened. But I think the hackers injected code into so many parts of the blog that it just messed everything up. So what I plan on doing is curating through my old blog posts and reuploading all the old ones with their same timestamp dates as before. I think most blog posts will get new tags and other things added to it. The only posts that will most likely be deleted are ones in college that do not make any sense, and don’t seem to tell a story. I will continue to post new things, but also upload the old items at the same time.
My goal is to finalize my wordpress template this week, and then implement a lot of extra wordpress security things (such as renaming common files, and making pages unchangeable).

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