Nevada City Vacation

So for the past week, I took Sherri to Nevada City for a 5 day trip out in south lake tahoe. We ended up getting an Airbnb in Nevada City. Even though there was a fire out in Dixie, the air quality in Nevada City was pretty good, so Sherri and I were able to have a good (even though we had a lot of disagreements) trip. Let me tell you why I enjoyed the trip.

With covid still going on, I tried to find a place that was within 3-4 hours from our house, good hiking, and have be close to a body of water. I had a co-worker that grew up in Grass Valley, and had told me that she found Hayward to be too big of a city. She talked about how she loved living next to the woods and rivers. So I decided to look start looking around there,

Nevada City is a historic mining town, it has a lot of beautiful victorian buildings, and the downtown buildings have a lot of new orleans design to it. This is one of sherri’s favorite type of buildings to look at, so walking around downtown was super fun. I would say the downtown was pretty busy for a small town, it felt like there were people eating and walking throughout downtown. The one thing that I notice about a small city downtown is how you might see a person eating lunch, and then you will run into them several more times that day as they are going through their routine.

Finally, hiking in nevada city is wonderful, there are so many trails. The only thing to remember when hiking is that the elevation is 500 meters (1600 ft), so hiking always felt so much harder than I’m use to.

Here is an overview of the places I visited.

Thursday: On the first full day, we went out to Emerald Pools (South Lake Tahoe) at 9am. The lake is all green because of the algae growing on the rocks.

We got out there pretty early, and were able to make our way up to the lake and laid around there for an hour. The water was so clear, and a cool 65 degrees. We decided to go up on the rocks and go farther in to see what other ponds were around there.

Going a little deeper in we saw a nice little river or water between rocks, It made it a great place to take pictures and just stand/lay around in the water.

We had hiking/water sandels on. So we were able to go on a 1-2 mile river hike. The weather on thursday was around 90F at 11 am, so it was so nice to be in 65 degree water, which made the hike so much more enjoyable.

Then once we finished hiking, we were able to kind of just lay on the rocks that was somewhat submerged in the water. It felt so refreshing laying down in 1 inch of cold river water at 2pm with the weather up at 100F.

On thursday night, Paula and Derrick with baby Chloe arrived at the airbnb, and they were working on friday while Sherri and I would go on morning hike. The hike on friday morning was not that great, Sherri and I got into a heated argument, and the “Independent Trail” that we tried to take was closed because part of the trail had broken. The trail would have been really nice to take because it was made acccessible for a person in a wheelchair.

We eventually ended up going back downtown and eating lunch, there are lot of crunchy stores in tahoe. We ended up eating a place that had quinoa bowls at Heartwood Eatery. Then after lunch we went for a self guided walking tour of Nevada City. We ended up having pizza for dinner at 3 Forks Pizza. The one thing I could not figure out that night was wire there was a 1 hour wait for wood fire pizza. (My friend told me that he makes 1 every 90 seconds at the farmers market he works at on saturdays).

Saturday: We were initially going to go to South Yuba River at Bridgepoint, but when we were eating dinner yesterday, we met a guy from san jose who recommended that we go to Oregon Creek Day Use Area. He recommended that place because it is not as busy on the weekends. He was correct, we were able to find a good place to setup and play in the water. I brought an inflatable hammock to lay in the water, so we only had 1 thing that we shared between all 4 of us.

Sherri told me that she never understood what people found so interesting about going out to the river. She was able to enjoy lounging around in the water on the rocks, and then going into the water to swim. If you had an inflatable, it made it so much more enjoyable . Just drinking and floating around in the water during 100F weather.

Overall the trip in up to Nevada City was super relaxing. I was able to recharge for work, Sherri and I did have a lot of arguments up on this trip. However, I think we were able to figure out what were the issues we were running into, it will take some time for us to work on it, but I feel like I will be able to figure it out.

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