I was doing stuff in my classes when I started realizing that I have roommates that are married and have kids. My new lab partner is married and has a 2 year old kid that goes to the nursery school on campus. I think he’s just a year older than me. Then I go to my other classes, and I start to realize, that there are people in my classes that are my age and married. And I don’t have a girlfriend yet. =O. I must be behind the ball, so I ‘ll need to practice on my courting and gentleman skills. (I have a list of skills I need to acquire that I’m only partly through, such as ballroom dancing, tango, magic tricks to wow people)

For some reason, I’m a very curious person, so when I walk around school, if I see something interesting I stop to see what it is, or make a note in my mind about what I see. As I was walking from my car, I see a licnese plate called “C Munkey”, and I think of the futurarma. Then as I get to my class, I stop, look at the flowers, and eat some of those berries on that one bush outside the architecture building.

Now its time for me to study, and work to make some money, because my bills were all put on this month’s bill.

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